Teams of Masters Madrid: Ready for the Big Match!

Teams of Masters Madrid: Ready for the Big Match!

The teams of Masters Madrid are about to fight in one of the most epic battles in Valorant’s history! Riot Games is all set to host the first international Valorant LAN event of the VCT 2024 season. The best teams from China, the Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA are all getting ready for the ultimate battle at this event. From March 14th to March 24th, get ready for some intense action!

Teams of Masters Madrid: How to Get to Madrid by Road

From start to finish, the trip to Masters Madrid was not a walk in the park. In the VCT Kickoff stage, there was a lot of competition between the teams. Only the top two teams from each zone were able to get golden tickets to the game in Spain.

Teams of Masters Madrid: Check out the teams that are going to the Masters Madrid.

To begin, Paper Rex, the Pacific’s Powerhouse

The current leader is Paper Rex, a great Singaporean team that plays in the Pacific League. Because they played so well at Valorant Champions 2023, they only needed to win one of their group stage games to make it to the playoffs. They won 2-1 against Gen.G, which was the game that sealed the deal. They then beat T1 2-0 in the playoffs to keep their winning run going.

Gen. G e-sports: Beating the Odds

When Paper Rex beat the Korean team Gen.G Esports, it was heartbreaking, but they were able to come back with determination. They made sure they were in the top spot by beating Team Secret 2-1 and Zeta Division 2-0 in the Play-In game. They were able to make it to the Masters Madrid event because they beat the Pacific League champions DRX 2-0 in the quarterfinals.

Teams of Masters Madrid: More teams that are competing

Even though Paper Rex and Gen.G have already earned their spots, other partnered teams are still fighting to be on the Masters Madrid roster. You can find the most up-to-date details about the ongoing qualifiers here.

The prize is championship points.

Not only are the teams at Masters Madrid trying to win, but they are also trying to earn points towards the title. Riot Games brought these points back in time for the Valorant Champions 2024 season. They are the most important thing that will be used to decide which teams can participate in the tournament.

Valorant’s Way to the World Championship

These teams are getting closer to their goal of winning the highly sought-after Valorant World Championship with each win in Spain. The risks pretty high because there is a lot of competition. The teams that fighting for the Masters Madrid, it will be fun. Also, the NIAGASLOT title will be full of exciting moments.